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Noble Coyote ∙ Limited | Espadín 50cl ∙ 43.1%

Noble Coyote ∙ Limited | Espadín 50cl ∙ 43.1%


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Discover the unique taste of Noble Coyote Mezcal! The Espadín agave is carefully grown and harvested to create the perfect mezcal. Enjoy the refreshing herbal aroma with a pleasantly fruity finish that makes every sip a special experience. Try it and experience the unique terroir of San Luis Amatlán.


Raw material : Agave angustifolia
Maturation: 7 years
Origin: San Luis Aatlan
Crushing: stone mill
Oven: earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: cultivated agave
Fermentation: Natural fermentation using wild yeasts in 'Mezquite' wooden barrels
Distillation: twice in copper still
Alcohol: 43.10%
Distillers: Marcos & Eleazar Brena
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Classification: Joven - unstored
Certificate: COMERCAM

Craving a Mezcal that will envelop you in green flavors, followed by hints of aniseed and a subtle smoky note? The Noble Coyote Mezcal is just what you need! This refreshing mezcal will blow your mind with its herbal aromas and surprise with a pleasantly fruity finish. And did you know that we almost exclusively use Espadín agave for our Mezcal? It's the best cultivated agave in Oaxaca, and its high sugar content makes it perfect for making mezcal. Our mezcal comes from the same producer and is made from the best agaves that grow on the rocky soils of San Luis Amatlán. The result? A mezcal that perfectly reflects the unique terroir of this region. So grab a bottle of Noble Coyote Mezcal and enjoy the flavors of Mexico!

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