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Noble Coyote | Espadín 70cl ∙ 43%

Noble Coyote | Espadín 70cl ∙ 43%


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Taste/aroma of this spirit is dominated by refreshing mineral fruity aromas, followed by a subtle smoky note and a slightly spicy finish.

Raw material: Agave angustifolia
Maturation: 7 years
Provenance: San Pablo Villa de Mitla
crushing: stone mill
Oven: Earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: cultivated agave
fermentation: In 'Mezquite' type casks
Distillation: Twice in copper pot stills
Alcohol: 43%
Distiller: Valeriano Monterroza
Lot number: NOBLE 05
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Classification: Joven - unstored
Certificate: COMERCAM

We are excited to introduce our Mezcal Noble Coyote Espadín, a handcrafted mezcal of the highest quality that offers an unparalleled sensory experience as an entry-level product into the mezcal world.

This mezcal from Noble Coyote offers a refreshing and invigorating taste experience dominated by green and herbaceous notes. This mezcal has an enticing aroma of green freshness and subtle smoky notes, followed by a delicate hint of aniseed. The gentle and persistent finish makes you want more.

The Mezcal Noble Coyote Espadín is made from the Espadín agave, known for its rapid growth and efficiency in making mezcal. Compared to other agave varieties, the Espadín agave has a comparatively short ripening process of only around seven years, making it one of the most efficient agave varieties used to make mezcal. Noble Coyote Team carefully cultivates this agave and uses almost 100% of it to make their mezcal. The Espadín agave is grown in the village of San Pablo Villa de Mitla, located in the Central Valley of Oaxaca. The fertile soils and favorable climate of this region create an exceptional terroir that gives mezcal a unique and distinctive taste.

If you love mezcal-based cocktails, our Mezcal Noble Coyote Espadín is the perfect choice. For a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail, try it in a Mezcal Paloma. If you want a more complex and sophisticated cocktail, try it in a Naked & Famous cocktail.

The Mezcal Noble Coyote Espadín is a must-have for any mezcal lover and a tantalizing experience for those new to the mezcal world. Order now and experience the taste of San Pablo Villa de Mitla in every sip!

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