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… In the beginning was the mezcal

What began as a study trip to Mexico turned out to be a strong love for the country and its people. It took on entirely new dimensions, however, when I was the only German to taste Mexico's mythical drink, mezcal, at a bachelor party in Las Vegas amidst a pack of party-mad Mexicans. And while the mezcal flowed freely, a true connoisseur introduced me to the secrets of the "Aztec schnapps". I have returned to Mexico time and time again over the years, never forgetting my love for the unique taste of alcoholized agave. Ever since that night, the taste of mezcal had been burned into my receptors.


As a Munich native with Croatian roots and an Australian passport, I have always wandered between worlds. Always with me is my passion for nature, enjoyment and good get-togethers. Today I am the European exclusive importer and part owner of the Mezcal producer "Noble Coyote".

Nikša Pirović · Managing Founder of PACIFIC AND LIME Nikša Pirović Founder of PACIFIC AND LIME

Our range now also includes artisanal gin from Lebanon. What connects our product range is the love of craftsmanship. We focus on quality, small batches and real taste experiences .

Pacific and Lime - Two words that mean the world to me

Adding the word Pacific to our name felt right from the start. Because the product with which our story began was mezcal, which is now mainly produced in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. And how could it be otherwise, Oaxaca is located on the Pacific.

Pacific Ocean

For me, the sea symbolizes depth and strength, which, like a good Mezcal, radiates something wonderfully timeless. Looking at the horizon also reminds me to always think outside the box.


How the "lime" joined the Pacific is quickly explained. The lime is an all-round talent in Mexican cuisine. It is found in almost every dish and in all good cocktails and even gives beer a fresh kick.


In addition, the motto "sour makes fun" describes my culinary course very aptly. Above all, my projects should bring joy - even if the way to funny is sometimes a bit sour.

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"taste moments"

PACIFIC AND LIME stands for unique artisanal products that are sustainably manufactured and exceptional in their quality. Products that taste of the endless expanse of the Pacific, distant worlds and mystical islands. In perfect symbiosis with a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice, they awaken a feeling of liveliness, freshness and summer. They are something special to enjoy and share. If you would like to taste our products or give them away as gifts, simply let yourself be inspired in the online shop. You can also find traditional drinking bowls for mezcal there.

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