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Espadín-Tobalá ∙ 0.7L / 45%

Espadín-Tobalá ∙ 0.7L / 45%

Noble Coyote | Mezcal Artesanal

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Tropical fruits, mango and papaya, pleasant smoke, freshly ground pepper, honey and lemon sorbet, eucalyptus and ginger tingle

Raw material: A. angustifolia (Maguey Espadín), A. potatorum (Maguey Tobalá)
Maturation: 7-15 years
Origin: Matatlán
Crushing: Stone mill
Oven: Earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: Semi-wild agave
Crushing technology : Tahona drawn by horse
Fermentation:In 'Sabino' type casks
Distillation: Double in copper alembic
Alcohol: 44.8%
Distiller: José Santiago
Lot number: Noble 1
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship )
Classification: Joven - not stored
Certificate: COMERCAM

A spirit with the sophistication of the Coyote

Noble Coyote fused Tobala and Espadin in this unique ensemble. It is the agave most commonly used for mezcal production. They have thrived in the fields of Oaxaca for more than eight years on the Espadín and over 15 years on the Tobalá. Only then does the careful harvesting take place by hand. Anyone who thinks that the manual work ends here is wrong: the agave hearts are then cooked in earth ovens. They are crushed in a traditional stone mill operated by horses. Then the raw mass is distilled to create a wonderful mezcal with the sophistication of a coyote. Start of this batch production was October 2020.

The aroma of this fine agave schnapps

The mezcal has a proud 44.68% like high-proof tequila and is crystal clear. It has a creamy consistency and a spicy smell that immediately reminds of cooked agave and fresh pepper. The delicate soapiness of the Espadín cleverly fuses with the dusty-earthy note of the Tobalá - the perfect match! Fine noses also perceive other aromas: ripe Williams pear, white peach and baked puff pastry. Yes, that's a little slice of heaven.

The nose prepares the palate for a taste experience. It's reminiscent of fried jalapeños and cocoa. A few minutes later, a beguiling aftertaste appears in the form of eucalyptus and ginger tingles. Despite the slight acidity, the buttery-creamy mouthfeel never goes away. No alcoholic burn.

Suitable for drinking neat (with or without salt and worm) and in cocktails such as dirty martinis and Gibson martinis.

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