Jun ∙ 0.7L / 40% - Pacific and Lime
Jun ∙ 0.7L / 40% - Pacific and Lime
Jun ∙ 0.7L / 40% - Pacific and Lime

Jun ∙ Artinsanaler Lebanese Gin ∙ 0.7L / 40%

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Volume / liter: 0.7
Botanicals: Organic Lebanese Juniper (Juniperus excelsa) | coriander| ginger| Masticha (bark of the mastic tree) | rosemary | bay leaf | Orange | Lemon
Alcohol content: 40%
Flavour: full-bodied, fruity, strong, slightly spicy
Type: Dry Gin
Origin: Lebanon

JUN, short for Juniperus - Juniper - tastes like 9 locally sourced botanicals, lovingly hand selected and combined to create a complex and distinctive character.

It opens with the sweet aroma of masticha blended with the scents of locally grown rosemary, orange and lemon still lingering on the lips for that first delicious sip. But that's not the end of it...

There is a spicy final note of ginger, galangal, coriander and bay leaf that never touches the edge of spiciness. At the same time, the wild Juniperus Excelsa from the Bekaa Mountains announces itself with a distinctive kiss of nostalgic, original aromas.

We recommend drinking the Gin JUN pure to enjoy its aromas. For cocktails we recommend the seasonal cocktails.

- Smell the gin, taste it neat and at room temperature.
- Add an ice cube or a drop of water.
- Chill it Bottle, taste neat or with ice
- Add a wedge of lemon.
- Try drinks with tonic or soda, rosemary, orange, grapefruit, basil, lemon or ginger.

Everything unites in happiness
because JUN is the happy soul.

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