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Jun Botanic ∙ 0.7L / 40%

Jun Botanic ∙ 0.7L / 40%

Arstisanal Lebanese Gin | Rechmaya Distillery

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JUN - Artisanal botanical gin from the heart of Lebanon 

Volume / liters: 0.7
Botanicals: Organic Lebanese juniper (Juniperus excelsa) | coriander | ginger | masticha (bark of the mastic tree) | rosemary | bay leaf | orange | lemon | galgant
Alcohol content: 40%
Flavour: strong, full-bodied, earthy, piney, citrusy & slightly spicy
Type: Botanical Gin
Origin: Lebanon
Cocktail recommendation: 50ml JUN Botanical Gin, Mediterranean Tonic or Botanical Tonic, ice, rosemary & lemon zest in a long drink / highball / copa glass, garnish and enjoy.


Our story of JUN, our premium botanical gin, begins in the Mediterranean country of Lebanon. Here, in the heart of the country, founders Maya and Chady have combined their passion for nature and freedom with a unique distillery in their home village of Rechmaya. JUN is a timeless work of art, handcrafted with a flavour and character that speak directly to Lebanon's rich culture and lush landscapes.
JUN is a true master of its craft and has an excellent and balanced flavour, where the juniper is particularly easy to taste. The Mediterranean and oriental flavours created by the use of local ingredients give the gin its complex but slightly spicy sweetness, which remains mild and fresh at the same time. The harmonious balance of these flavours is the result of a careful selection and combination of 9 local botanicals.
The flavours of juniper, masticha, rosemary, orange, lemon, ginger, galangal, coriander and laurel blend together to create a distinctive taste composition, which was confirmed by the Gold Award at the Spirit Business Blind Tasting 2022. Try JUN neat or in cocktails and enjoy the interplay of these flavours. JUN is a botanical gin whose story begins in the Mediterranean country of Lebanon, and whose creators Chady and Maya bring their passion for nature and freedom to their distillery.
If you're looking for a gin that has a unique character while being joyful and light, JUN is for you. Discover the soul of this gin in every glass, while supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly production that supports local businesses and farmers.
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