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Noble Coyote ∙ Limited | Coyote de Amatlán 50cl ∙ 48.3%

Noble Coyote ∙ Limited | Coyote de Amatlán 50cl ∙ 48.3%


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Coyote Agave is a unique agave native to Oaxaca, Mexico, known for its hybrid strains and wild, mineral flavor. The aromas of white pepper, marzipan, vanilla and notes of wood and spices give this spirit a spicy, peppery-mineral finish. The coyote agave is semi-cultivated and used to make mezcal.


Raw material: Agave karwinski latrans
Maturation: 12 years
Origin: San Luis Amatlan
Crushing: stone mill
Oven: earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: semi-wild agave
Fermentation: Natural fermentation using wild yeasts in 'Mezquite' wooden barrels
Distillation: Double in copper still
Alcohol: 48.30%
Distillers: Marcos & Eleazar Brena
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Classification: Joven - unstored
Certificate: COMERCAM


Our coyote agave spirit is made from the agave Karwinskii Latrans, which grows primarily in the Amatlánes region of Oaxaca. Mezcal's flavors are as eccentric as agave's DNA, reminiscent of white pepper, marzipan, vanilla, and notes of wood and spice, enhanced by the rocky soil and mineral notes. Obtained through semi-cultivated replanting methods, the coyote agave is known in the indigenous culture of North America for its intelligence, ferocity and boldness. Our spirit comes from San Luis Amatlán, a community with a long Mezcalero tradition.

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