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Espadín - Capón ∙ 0.7L / 45.9%

Espadín - Capón ∙ 0.7L / 45.9%

Noble Coyote | Mezcal Artesanal

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Tasting Notes

Aromas of flowers, perfume and spices leap out of the glass. On the palate, wood and dried tangerine peel dominate, followed by delicate lemongrass and strong aniseed to a seemingly endless peppery finish.

Raw material: Agave angustifolia
Maturation: 7 years
Origin: San Luis Amatlán
Crushing: Stone mill
Oven: Earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: Agave culture
Fermentation: In 'Sabino' type barrels
Distillation: Double in Copper Pot Stills
Alcohol: 45.9%
Distiller: Marcos & Eleazar Brena
Lot number: TOTO 1
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Classification: Joven - unstored
Certificate: COMERCAM


Espadín Capón (Agave angustifolia) is a Mezcal made exclusively from the agave "Capado". This means that 100% of the piñas (agave seeds) used in Mezcalcrafting have developed a quiote, or flowering stalk. When an agave flowers, a large amount of energy is required to develop the 20 foot tall flower. When the quiote is cut off by the maestros, the sugar used to grow the flower is concentrated in the piña. When harvesting the agave for normal Mezcal, the mother agave is harvested along with the baby agaves (hijuelos) that sprout from the mother plant. The baby agaves are added to the oven along with the mother agave, but are not as productive as they are smaller and have not flowered yet.

To produce Espadín Capón, only the largest and strongest mother plants are selected and used for processing. At Espadín Capón, the average weight is 90 kg per piña. The concentrated sugars obtained from cutting the agave flowers give Espadín Capón a sweeter and more complex taste with hints of floral and fruity notes. To make our regular Espadín we use 80% mother agaves and 20% baby agaves collected during the agave harvest. This Espadín is 100% grown in the San Luis Amatlán area.

Mezcalero comment

For the Espadín Capón, the maestros Marcos and Eleazar use only the largest, heaviest and most sugary agaves - the creme de la creme of the harvest. Capón means that the agave has reached exactly the highest degree of maturity.

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