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Jícara drinking bowl | calabash

Jícara drinking bowl | calabash


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Mezcal Bowl Jícara | calabash

Capacity approx. 3-7cl / height approx. 3-5cm / diameter approx. 5-7cm

Delivery incl. Jícara holder made of reeds with a diameter of approx. 4-7 cm

Would you drink a good wine from a plastic cup? Even.

For the full flavor of a quality mezcal, you should serve it in traditional pumpkin skins . They are made from the fruit skin of the gourd tree. Their surface is larger than that of a shot glass and the slightly rough inside enhances the taste when drinking.

Due to the extended drinking opening of 5 to 10 cm, the entire face is enveloped in the scent of agave schnapps. The vessels also celebrate the moment of pleasure visually. The high -quality bowls are handmade and enchant with their artistic decoration. Hand-carved in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, they are decorated with reliefs of various animal and plant motifs.

A ring made of reed mesh is used to put it on. As a natural product, there are occasionally slight deviations in color and shape, which make each piece unique. Of course, the stylish drinking vessels are also ideal for enjoying tequila or other drinks.

Before use, you should briefly moisten the shells and let them swell. It can also happen that you initially discover tiny drops on the walls or bottom of the Jícara cup. However, this is normal and does not affect its function in any way. Bottle gourds are porous and it takes time for the pores to close. If you think the initial container is too wet, you can also place it on a small plate.

Please do not use cleaning agents for cleaning, only lukewarm water and then wipe with a dry cloth or leave to dry near a heater or in the sun .

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