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Espadín Tobalá - Noble Coyote Mezcal Artisanal
Espadín Tobalá - Noble Coyote Mezcal Artisanal Espadín Tobalá - Noble Coyote Mezcal Artisanal Espadín Tobalá - Noble Coyote Mezcal Artisanal
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Overview of facts:
Type of oven: Ground stone oven
Type of wood for oven: Mezquite
Crushing technique: Tahona pulled by horse
fermentation: Spontaneous in sabino tubs
Destillations: Two in copper alambique 
Perfect pure (with salt and worm or without) and for cocktails such as Dirty Martinis and Gibson Martinis.

Noble Coyote Mezcal Espadín Tobalá: a mezcal with the sophistication of the coyote

Nobel Coyote has merged Tobala and Espandin in this unique blend. These agaves are most commonly used for mezcal production. They thrive in the fields of Oaxaca for more than eight years for Espadín and fifteen years for Tobalá. Only then is the careful harvest done by hand. Anyone who thinks that the manual work would end here is mistaken: The agave hearts are then cooked in earth ovens. They are crushed in a traditional stone mill operated by horses. Then the raw mass is distilled into a wonderful mezcal with the sophistication of a coyote. This batch production started in October 2020.

The aroma of Noble Coyote Mezcal Espadín Tobalá

This Mezcal has an impressive 44.68% like a strong tequila. It is crystal clear and shows a creamy consistency as well as a spicy smell that is immediately reminiscent of cooked agave and fresh pepper. The delicate soapy from Espadin fuses skillfully with the dusty, earthy note from Tobala. Fine noses also perceive other aromas: ripe Williams pear, white peach and baked puff pastry. Yes, this is a little piece of the kingdom of heaven.
The nose prepares the palate for a taste experience. It is a homage to fried jalapeños and cocoa. A few minutes later you feel a seducing aftertaste in the form of eucalyptus and ginger tingling. Despite the slight acidity, the buttery-creamy mouthfeel never goes away. No alcoholic burning.

Here you can find the article of, which describes his professional tasting experiences with this mezcal.