PACIFIC AND LIME stands as a general importer for some of the best spirits in the world, for unusual taste and exclusive quality.

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    By a man from Munich who set out to make Europe happy with sustainably produced Mezcal.


    Noble Coyote is committed to sustainability, cultivating species and varieties of wild agave and devoting considerable effort to reforesting the land with wild agave.

    PACIFIC AND LIME with his Mezcal Noble Coyote also brings the love of life from Mexico to Europe. The ensemble of Espadín and Tobalá results in a Mezcal of fruity elegance - even for beginners!

  • - tasting Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote imported by PACIFIC AND LIME

    Pacific and Lime expands the German Mezcal market with spirits with character, which offer the greatest possible stage for every type of agave used.

  • Podcaster Elixir of the Gods - enjoying interview with PACIFIC AND LIME and drinking Mezcal Noble Coyote

    The Mezcal from Noble Coyote respects the traditions of the Maestros Mezcaleros and combines them with modern, sustainable methods of cultivation. The glass contains an authentic drink that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

  • Auroom München - Cocktailbar serviert Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote imported by PACIFIC AND LIME

    An outstanding selection of the finest Mezcales! Each individual agave variety is distilled to the highest quality. Definitely recommended for every discerning Mezcal lover!

    Meczal Bar 
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Mezcal production in Mexico

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