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Mezcal Noble Coyote | Espadín-Jabalí 70cl ∙ 45%

Mezcal Noble Coyote | Espadín-Jabalí 70cl ∙ 45%


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Welcome to our online shop! We proudly present Noble Coyote's award-winning Espadín-Jabalí Mezcal, which was awarded the Gold Medal at Spirits Business' Tequila & Mezcal Blind Tasting 2023. This unique mezcal is made from the Maguey Espadín and Jabalí agave plants, with Jabalí being considered the most exotic of all the Magueys. The wild Jabalí agaves are relatively common in the Mezcalero region of Oaxaca, but difficult to process due to their rapidly rising flavour and lower sugar content. However, our Maestro Mezcalero has perfected traditional methods to create a mezcal that is rich and textured with notes of lemongrass, aniseed, eucalyptus and herbal flavours that are reminiscent of bacon with a subtle hint of smokiness. This unique mezcal is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of our Maestro Mezcaleros and a must-try for those who want to experience the true complexity and exoticism of mezcal.

Raw material: A. angustifolia (Espadín) / Agave convalis trel (Jabalí).
Maturation: 7-10 years / 12-15 years
Origin: Santiago Matatlán
Milling: Stone mill
Kiln: earth pit, mesquite wood
Cultivation: cultivated & wild agaves
Fermentation: Natural fermentation using wild yeasts in 'Mezquite' wooden barrels
Distillation: Triple in copper stills
Category: Artesanal (traditional craft)
Classification: Joven - unaged
Certificate: COMERCAM

Tasting Notes (Nose): Noble Coyote's Mezcal Espadin-Jabali is a remarkable spirit with a complex and intriguing nose. The aroma is characterised by a variety of scents that immediately recall lemongrass, anise, eucalyptus and herbal aromas, complemented by a subtle hint of smokiness to bacon fat. The combination of these flavours creates a unique and inviting aroma that engages the senses and prepares the palate for the tasting experience.

Tasting Note (Palate): Noble Coyote's Espadin-Jabali mezcal is a truly exceptional spirit that offers a rich and nuanced taste experience. On the palate, this mezcal reveals a variety of flavours that reflect its complex nose, with notes of slate, mint, toffee and oriental spices melding with a mineral undertone.

The finish of the Mezcal "Espadin-Jabali" is a testament to the exceptional skill and craftsmanship that goes into making this drink. It is smooth and elegant and lingers on the palate for a long time, even after the last sip. As the flavours slowly dissipate, they leave a lasting memory of the unique taste experience this mezcal offers. This long-lasting finish reflects the attention to detail and care that goes into every aspect of this drink, from the carefully selected agave to the artisanal distillation process. The result is a spirit that combines complexity, balance and elegance to create a truly exceptional mezcal that is a pleasure to drink from start to finish.

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