Espadin ∙ 0.7L / 43.4% - Pacific and Lime
Espadin ∙ 0.7L / 43.4% - Pacific and Lime

Espadin ∙ 0.7L / 43.4%

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Flavour/Aroma This spirit is dominated by refreshing mineral fruity aromas, followed by a subtle smoky note and a slightly spicy finish.

Raw material: Agave angustifolia
Maturation: 7 years
Origin: Matatlán
Crushing: stone mill
Oven: earth pit, mezquite wood
Cultivation: Cultivated agave
Fermentation: In 'Sabino' type barrels
Distillation: Double in copper pot stills
Alcohol: 43.40%
Distiller: José Santiago
Lot number: NOBLE 03
Category: Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Classification: Joven - not stored
Certificate: COMERCAM


The Espadín agave (Agave angustifolia) grows along the Mezcalero Strip in Oaxaca. It is the agave that is best cultivated and, thanks to its high sugar concentration, is particularly suitable for the production of Mezcal. 10 kilograms of agave heart result in about one liter of mezcal, which we recommend especially as a beginner for connoisseurs. An agave heart of this variety can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

Almost 100% of the agaves used for Noble Coyote come from the same grower. These agaves grow in great variety and the flavors of the Mezcal vary according to the plants and styles of the Maestro Mezcaleros and the terroir . Matatlán - the place where the agaves for Noble Coyote are grown - is famous for its soils. This mezcal combines this unique terroir with the experience and skill of the Noble Coyote mezcaleros.

Comment from the Mezcalero

The Batch NOBLE 03 was made in 2021 because it rained a lot that year. This is of great importance for agaves because the agaves were not as stressed as they were during the dry season. In terms of taste, this is reflected in a less sweet taste than is usual in a dry year. The notes of this mezcal are more mineral and fruity, not like the more sugary taste we expect in dry years. When a mezcal tastes like this, it means there was more than enough water to grow all of the traditional Mexican/Oaxacan crops (corn, beans, squashes, tomatoes, chilies, and many others) - this is the taste of Oaxaca's natural bounty.

Mezcal will tell you the story of the weather if you know how to taste it.

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