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Cocktails with gin you need to know!

Gin cocktails are in a class of their own. Some pamper your palate with fruity notes, others are floral or tart. The colorless spirit gin can also be tastefully combined with earthy or nutty delicacies. The same applies to the Gin Fizz Cocktail, which can also be sour depending on the cocktail recipe gin.

It is therefore not surprising that connoisseurs value this drink for its unique versatility. At the same time, given the multifaceted nature of juniper schnapps, you're probably wondering: What are the best cocktails with gin? Is it the Gin Grapefruit Cocktail or the world-famous Martini with Olive? You will find out below.

Cocktails with gin

These notes make cocktails with gin so unique

Before we introduce you to the best cocktail recipes with gin , it's worth taking a look at the unique nuances of the spirit. What makes gin the basis of delicious cocktail recipes? The word gin already gives an idea of ​​what this drink is. It is derived from the French word genévrier, which means juniper. Gin is an alcoholic liquid based on juniper. As a rule, it does not have its own color. So it's clear, which makes it an ideal basis for popular cocktails. As examples of this,

  • the clear dry martini
  • the bitter-sweet Negroni from Italy
  • or the Pink Lady as a fruity pink gin cocktail

    Of course, you can also conjure up delicious long drinks from gin. One of the best-known examples of this is the gin and tonic.

    But what does good gin actually taste like without any other ingredients? This is difficult to generalize given the over 400 varieties now available in Germany. Classic gin, however, has a clear juniper note. It can also be divided into four flavors. These depend on the botanical

    • fruity
    • sweet
    • flowery or floral
    • or spicy

    By the way, botanicals are spices, herbs, roots and fruits that are preserved in gin. These give the pure alcohol its different flavors. The same applies to the distiller's handwriting. Every gin tastes unique. You should keep this in mind if you want to mix our best gin cocktails.

    Cocktails with gin

    Best gin cocktails? These are particularly popular to drink

    Popular gin cocktails put a smile on the lips of connoisseurs. However, deciding on one of the drinks is not easy. After all, there are numerous gin cocktail recipes that taste good.

    These include the classic Dry Martini. He is a real legend among cocktail lovers. The International Bartenders Association also recognized this. She named the clear gin cocktail as one of the most popular drinks. The place on their list, the Unforgettables, is well deserved.

    The Gimlet is also an extremely popular gin cocktail recipe. Not only does it taste good, it also impresses with its easy preparation. You only need three ingredients for this delicious drink. If you want to enjoy a cocktail with mint and gin, the Gin Gin Mule will delight you. Its refreshing note is supported by ginger beer, creating a unique taste experience. The worldwide popularity of this gin cocktail will hardly surprise you.

    Cocktail recipes with gin and a wintery note

    Cocktails with gin delight with their unmistakable notes. This doesn't just apply to sweet, tart or earthy creations. Seasonal delights also impress connoisseurs. Winter gin cocktails like the Glüh Gin are a prime example of this. This drink combines the Christmas flavors of mulled wine with individual botanicals in gin. Please note that different flavor nuances are convincing in this creation. Classic mulled wine relies mainly on red wine, while mulled gin, as a substitute for winter gin cocktails, can be mixed very fruity and light.

    One of the most popular gin cocktails with a winter touch is, in addition to the Glüh Gin, also the Monkey Gland. Just like the Martini, it is a real classic that impresses pleasure lovers around the world. It is therefore best mixed with a traditional gin. In any case, make sure that it is not too soft or floral. Since the Monkey Gland contains fruity notes of grenadine and orange juice, it would hardly be able to prevail.

    The Orchard Cooler is also a must as one of the best winter gin cocktails. It combines a successful mixture of the flavors of apple, pear and cinnamon. You can also add lemony nuances to this unique drink. It is not without reason that it is called one of the best gin cocktails around the world.

    Cocktails with gin recipes – it gets fruity

    A cocktail with mint and gin like the Gin Gin Mule is a highlight on any drinks menu. However, for some connoisseurs it can also be fruitier. A raspberry gin cocktail like the Rasperry Gin Fizz is a successful example of this. This drink combines the refreshing sweetness of the berries with the full-bodied aroma of the spirit. If you wish, you can sweeten this Gin Fizz Cocktail with a dash of lemon juice and vanilla.

    If you like sweet gin cocktails in general, you should try the Pink Lady. This drink is not only in great demand among connoisseurs. The sweet aroma of the gin cocktail comes from raspberry or grenadine syrup, which mixes with the sour taste of lemon juice. A little water provides additional lightness, which makes this classic, which is often served as a raspberry gin cocktail.

    However, the best gin cocktails with a fruity note do not necessarily have to be refined with raspberry. A gin grapefruit cocktail also pampers taste buds that like things sweeter. The Tropical Orange can serve as an example of this. It is best mixed with orange juice as a base. You can round it off with grapefruit. The combination of sour and tart is particularly effective. If you want this aperitif to taste even more intense, you should add orange liqueur in addition to juice.

    Fruity gin cocktails are exactly why you appreciate the spirit so much? In this case, the Singapore Sling will convince you. This cocktail with gin is not only easy to prepare. It is also one of the most popular sweet gin cocktail drinks. Its base is cherry brandy or cherry liqueur. A splash of lemon juice rounds off the mixture.

    A true classic when it comes to popular gin cocktails: the Gin Tonic Cocktail

    Gin cocktail recipes like the gin and tonic are mixed all over the world. However, this drink is a classic long drink. The name cocktail gin and tonic is widespread, but not 100 percent correct.

    This drink has a mixing ratio that you can adapt to your taste. The Gin and Tonic Cocktail can be mixed 1:1 from tonic water and the spirit. At the same time, a mixing ratio of 1:3 or higher is possible for the Gin Tonic cocktail. If you prefer gin cocktails to be sweet, you can choose different flavors for tonic water. The Pink Gin Cocktail is created, for example, if you use Wildberry Tonic Water.

    Probably the most popular cocktail with vermouth and vodka or gin: the Martini

    If you like to mix a cocktail with vermouth and vodka or gin, we recommend a timeless classic: the Dry Martini. He is a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to gin cocktail recipes. After all, almost everyone knows this drink.

    This is certainly due to the versatile pleasures that you can borrow from the Dry Martini as one of the best gin cocktails. The vodkatini is without a doubt one of them. It is a unique cocktail made with gin and vodka. At the same time you can add wormwood. If you want, you can also add the famous olive to your vodkatini. It's not a must, but the aroma goes perfectly with this cocktail with gin and vodka.

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