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Noble Coyote

Espadín - Lyobaá

Mezcal Artesanal

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  • Maturation: 7-10 years / 5-11 years
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Category: Ultra premium
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Dive into the world of the award-winning Mezcal Noble Coyote Angustifolia-Lyobaá, proudly adorned with the Master Medal from the Spirits Business Competition. This masterpiece, inspired by the recently discovered Agave variety, Lyobaá, offers an unforgettable tasting experience with spicy, dried fruit, and earthy notes. Treat yourself to this unique Mezcal masterpiece now and savor a smooth finish that enchants the senses!

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Flavor Dimensions

Segment Mezcal Artesanal

1-5 (Mild-Strong)






Smoky Flavour



Flavor Notes

  • Vanilla

  • Marzipan

  • Wood

  • Oriental spices

  • Lemongrass

  • Chilli

Mezcal Noble Coyote | Angustifolia-Lyobaá 70cl ∙ 45% vol

Excellent quality and recognition:Noble Coyote's Angustifolia-Lyobaá Mezcal was awarded the Master Medal at Spirits Business's 2023 Tequila & Mezcal Blind Tasting, signifying the highest recognition for its quality and excellence.

Unique blend of rare agave:Made from Lyobaá agave, an extremely rare variety, this mezcal offers a unique and complex flavor profile that stands out from other mezcal varieties.

Traditional craftsmanship and taste experience:The mezcal is made using traditional methods in San Luis Amatlán, including stone mills, earth-hole ovens, wooden barrel fermentation and triple copper still distillation. The result is a handcrafted mezcal with a fresh, clean aroma, spicy flavor and a long, smooth finish.

  • Mezcalero

    Eleazar Brena

  • Origin

    San Luis Amatlán - Oaxaca

  • Manufacturing

    Artesanal - Handcrafted


About Mezcal Noble Coyote | Angustifolia-Lyobaá 70cl ∙ 45% vol

On the palate, the Mezcal Noble Coyote Angustifolia-Lyobaá offers a deliciously spicy taste with herbal, dried fruit and slightly earthy notes. Its flavor profile is rich and complex and includes roasted agave, green peppers and a subtle pear sweetness. The slightly smoky taste of mezcal comes from the traditional production process of roasting the agave in an underground pit oven. All of these flavors come together to create a unique and exciting taste experience that showcases the natural flavors and traditional techniques of an exceptional handcrafted mezcal.

The finish of the Mezcal Noble Coyote Angustifolia-Lyobaá is long and smooth with a pleasant warm feeling in the mouth. The vegetable and herbal aromas are present throughout the entire tasting experience and last until the finish. The smoky flavor becomes stronger towards the end and the notes of dried fruit and subtle pear sweetness provide a pleasant sweetness that balances the other flavors. The earthy notes give the finish a deep and complex character. Overall, the finish is balanced and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.