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Noble Coyote


Mezcal Artesanal · 70cl 45% vol.

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  • 1-2 days delivery time
  • Maturation: 7-10 years / 12-15 years
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Category: Ultra Premium
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Personally immerse yourself in the unique fusion of Noble Coyote Tobalá and Espadín Mezcal, crafted by Mezcalero Valeriano Monterosa. This masterful ensemble, shaped by over 15 years of maturation for the Tobalá, offers a balanced depth. Step into the fascinating world of Mezcal – a combination of years of dedication, social recognition, and unique symbiosis, created by connoisseurs and Mezcalero Valeriano Monterosa, a master of his craft.

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Flavor Dimensions

Segment Mezcal Artesanal

1-5 (Mild-Strong)






Smoky Flavour



Flavor Notes

  • Cooked agave

  • Pepper

  • Williams pear

  • Puff pastry

  • White peach

  • Jalapeños

Mezcal Noble Coyote | Espadín Tobalá 70cl ∙ 45%

Masterful ensemble of 15-year-aged Noble Coyote Tobalá and Espadín Mezcal – for a unique depth of flavor, hand-harvested and traditionally processed in the fertile fields of Oaxaca.

Indulge in a fascinating symbiosis: the delicate soapy character of Espadín perfectly complements the dusty-earthiness of Tobalá – a true masterpiece with an enchanting aroma, buttery-creamy texture, and an impressive finish of eucalyptus and hints of ginger.

Discover refreshing Mezcal creations with 'Tobalá Twilight' and 'Coyote's Kiss': a tempting fusion of Noble Coyote Tobalá Mezcal with fresh fruit and aromatic ingredients – an unparalleled delight that captivates the senses and elevates the Mezcal experience to new heights.

  • Mezcalero

    Valeriano Monterosa

  • Origin

    Santiago Matatlán - Oaxaca, Mexiko

  • Manufacturing

    Artesanal - Handcrafted


About Mezcal Noble Coyote | Espadín Tobalá 70cl ∙ 45%

Noble Coyote Tobala and Espadin Mezcal combine to create a unique ensemble. The agaves grow in the fields of Oaxaca for more than eight years (Espadin) or over 15 years (Tobala) before they are carefully harvested by hand. Traditional methods are used to cook the agave hearts in earth ovens and crush them in stone mills by horses. Distilling this raw material produces a wonderful mezcal with the sophistication of a coyote. This creation started in December 2022.

The aroma of this fine agave schnapps is reminiscent of cooked agave, fresh pepper, ripe Williams pear, white peach and baked puff pastry. The delicate soapiness of Espadin and the dusty, earthy note of Tobala merge into a perfect match. The mezcal has a creamy consistency and a spicy smell.

The nose prepares the palate for a taste experience reminiscent of fried jalapeños and cocoa. A beguiling aftertaste of eucalyptus and ginger tingles rounds off the taste experience, without any alcoholic burning sensation. The buttery, creamy mouthfeel remains despite the slight acidity. The Mezcal is suitable for pure enjoyment as well as for cocktails such as Dirty Martinis and Gibson Martinis.