Coyote ∙ 0.5L / 48.3% Mezcal Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote - Pacific and Lime
Coyote ∙ 0.5L / 48.3% Mezcal Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote - Pacific and Lime
Coyote ∙ 0.5L / 48.3% Mezcal Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote - Pacific and Lime

Coyote ∙ Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote ∙ 0.5L / 48.3%

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Taste/flavors of white pepper, marzipan, vanilla and wood and spice notes - together with mineral notes - result in a spicy, peppery-mineral finish.


Scientific Name: Agave karwinski latrans
Maturation: 12 years
Origin: San Luis Amatlàn
Crushing: Stone mill
Cooking: Floor oven, Mesquite Wood
Growth: Semi-wild
Fermentation: Sabino wood barrels
Distillation: Double distillation in copper pot stills
Alcohol: 48,30%
Master distiller: Marcos & Eleazar Brena
Lot-Number: RP-MBC01
Category: Artisanal 
Classification: Joven
Certification: COMERCAM
Imported to EU by: PACIFIC AND LIME



The agave Coyote (agave karwinskii latrans) is endemic to the Amatlanes region of Oaxaca and is related to the agave Madre Cuishe. The seeds of a Coyote plant can produce different varieties of agave and its flowers can also pollinate and be pollinated by other types of agaves. When the seed germinates, it is not uncommon for the resulting plants to be hybrids of agave Tobalá, Espadín and Tepextate. In indigenous cultures of North America, the coyote can, according to legend, take several different forms. It’s associated with the mythological animal of the Zapotecs which symbolises intelligence, ferocity and boldness. The flavors of agave Coyote are as eccentric as its genetics. This spirit has a predominantly mineral taste, due to the rocky areas where it prefers to extend its roots but also has some wild notes. Agave Coyote perfectly convey the minerals from the ground where it grows: San Luis Amatlán, a community known for its long mezcalero tradition. 


Mezcalero Comment

According to Mezcalero Marcos, the Coyote agave is used in Oaxaca to delineate plots. Thus, the coyote agave is semicultivated through replanting. "Once the plants mature and are harvested, we make mezcal from them and plant new coyote agave." 

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