Pacific & Lime

Once upon a time in Mexico

Who doesn't immediately think of vacation, adventure and an exquisite drink around the campfire with good friends when they think of sea and lime? We definitely do! Because that's how the idea behind Pacific & Lime came about. We are Nikša Pirović, founder and owner of Pacific & Lime, and Bruno Barba, co-founder of Pacific & Lime.

Pacific & Lime - Founder Niksa Pirovic / Co-founder Bruno Barba

Pacific & Lime started with a great love. Nikša had already been to Mexico during his studies. He immediately took the passion and warmth of the people, the irresistible culinary delights and the breathtaking nature into his heart. The final spark ignited at a bachelor party of Mexican friends in Las Vegas: Nikša tried the legendary mezcal for the first time. The ancient Aztecs already valued the drink made from alcoholized agaves. And with each subsequent visit to Mexico, Nikša also understood why mezcal is something of a national drink there.

Modernity and tradition: we take the best of both

What began with enjoyment and love for Mexico became a calling for Nikša. He brought mezcal to his native Germany and founded Pacific & Lime in 2016. The Munich native with Croatian roots and an Australian passport is something of a global citizen who looks for the good everywhere and finds the best. So his meeting with Bruno was something like a fateful encounter from which the Tequila Pacific & Lime Blanco was born.

Nikša knows how to bring people together and convince them of his high-quality mezcals and tequilas. Bruno continues his family's tradition by being the tenth generation tequiler in Jallisco Valles, Mexico. For him, the highest quality means selecting the famous blue agaves himself and distilling them twice.

Pacific & Lime: Ingredients for the perfect summer

Our Tequila Pacific & Lime Blanco is unique. Because it doesn't just taste good in cocktails or with a good shot of freshly squeezed lime; it is also a pure kick of freshness. Its velvety structure with a slight bitter note develops aromas of mint, herbs, black pepper and a hint of grapefruit on the tongue. It is the perfect drink in a bar, on the beach, but also in the hot tub in winter. Every sip of Pacific & Lime tastes of sea and fresh citrus.

Pacific & Lime Tequila Blanco 100% Puro de Agave - Sunlit beach

Let the sun melt on your tongue with our Tequila Pacific & Lime Blanco. Experience the best of both worlds with tradition and innovation. Contact us for further information. We look forward to refreshing your spirit.

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