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Mezcal Artesanal Noble Coyote

Jabali ∙ 0.5L / 47.9%

Jabali ∙ 0.5L / 47.9%

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Flavour/aromaof the Jabalí initially evokes memories of lemongrass, aniseed, eucalyptus and herbal aromas, complemented by a slightly smoky note of bacon. Flavors of slate, mint and oriental spices follow on the palate, accompanied by a mineral note. A smooth, elegant finish lingers on the unforgettable taste of Jabalí.

Raw material: Agave convalis trel
12 years
Santiago Matatlán
Crushing: Stone mill
Earth pit, mezquite wood
Wild agave
In "Sabino" type barrels
Triple in copper pot stills
José Pérez Santiago
Los -Number:
Artesanal (traditional craftsmanship)
Joven - unstored
EU import:


Agave Jabalí (Agave convallis Trel) is considered by many to be the most exotic of all Mezcals. Unlike the mezcal made from the Tepeztate agave, whose eccentricity lies largely in the scarcity and slow ripening period (up to 35 years) of this endangered plant, the Jabalí agave is a species of wild agave that spreads throughout the mezcalero strip of Oaxaca. Although the Jabalí agave is relatively abundant, few maestro mezcaleros know the secret of agave selection and then processing to create this mezcal. The Jabalí agave is the most difficult agave to process. The reason for this is the rapidly expanding foam development during the manufacturing process. In addition, three to four distillations are necessary due to their lower sugar content. Jabalí means wild boar in English. The wild agave owes its name to its pointed, curved leaves, which are reminiscent of wild boar teeth. There are stories of maestro mezcaleros who harvested a whole field of agave jabalí and could not even produce a drop of edible mezcal. Luckily, our Maestro Mezcalero knows the secrets that have been passed down through generations and learned from years of tradition to make its production possible.

Assessment of the Mezcalero

Some people believe that it is impossible to get mezcal from this rare species of agave. Instead, the agave jabalí is commonly used to make high-quality rope from its leaves. Few Maestro Mezcaleros know the secret ways to create one of the most fantastic and mystical spirits.

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