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Noble Coyote

Limited Edition ∙ Jabalí

Mezcal Artesanal · 50cl 47.9% vol.

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  • Maturation: 12 years
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Category: Prestigious
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Claim to the Mezcalero:


Koste den Noble Coyote Mezcal Jabalí, eine Limited Edition mit 47.9% Vol., geprägt von einer 12-jährigen Reifung. Ein einzigartiges Geschmackserlebnis mit Zitronengras, Anis, Eukalyptus und einer rauchigen Bacon-Note, alles hervorgebracht durch die seltene Jabalí-Agave.

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Flavor Dimensions

Segment Mezcal Artesanal

1-5 (Mild-Strong)






Smoky Flavour



Flavor Notes

  • Anise

  • Oriental spices

  • Lemongrass

  • Bacon

  • Mineral notes

  • Clove

Limited Edition - Noble Coyote Mezcal | Jabalí | 50cl ∙ 47.9% vol

Masterful craftsmanship:The unique Mezcal Jabalí, matured for over 12 years and refined in the glass since 2018, is a testament to masterful craftsmanship. Aromas of lemongrass, anise, eucalyptus and herbs merge into a smooth pleasure.

Exotic taste spectacle:The exotic Mezcal Jabalí offers a true sensory experience with notes of lemongrass, anise, eucalyptus and smoky bacon. Slate, mint and oriental spices on the palate, accompanied by a mineral finish.

Mystical Agave Jabalí:The Agave Jabalí, the most exotic of all mezcals, is processed by the Maestro Mezcalero with years of tradition. The sophisticated Jabalí Mezcal captures the wilderness in a unique tipple.

  • Mezcalero

    José Pérez Santiago

  • Origin

    Matatlán - Oaxaca, Mexiko

  • Manufacturing

    Artesanal - Handcrafted


About Limited Edition - Noble Coyote Mezcal | Jabalí | 50cl ∙ 47.9% vol

The Agave Jabalí (Agave convallis Trel) is considered the most exotic of all mezcals. Unlike Tepeztate agave mezcal, whose eccentricity lies largely in the scarcity and slow ripening time of this endangered plant, Jabalí agave is a type of wild agave that spreads throughout Oaxaca's mezcalero strip. Although Jabalí agave is relatively abundant, there are few Maestro Mezcaleros who know the secret of agave selection and processing to produce this mezcal. The Jabalí agave is the most difficult agave to process because it foams heavily and requires three to four distillations due to its lower sugar content. Jabalí means wild boar in German and gets its name from the pointed, curved leaves that resemble wild boar teeth. There are stories of maestro mezcaleros who harvested an entire field of Jabalí agaves and couldn't produce even a drop of edible mezcal. Luckily, our Maestro Mezcalero knows the secrets passed down through generations and learned from years of tradition to create this rare and mystical Mezcal.

Some people believe that it is impossible to get mezcal from this rare species of agave. Instead, the Agave Jabalí is often used to make high-quality ropes from its leaves. However, few Maestro Mezcaleros know the secret ways to create one of the most fantastic and mystical spirits in the world. Our Mezcal Jabalí is the result of the craftsmanship of our Maestro Mezcalero, who has mastered the secret of the Jabalí agave. Try it out and experience the taste of the wild.