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Noble Coyote

Espadin - Capon

Mezcal Artesanal · 70cl 45% vol.

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  • Maturation: Matured Espadín agave using the Capon process
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Category: Ultra premium
  • Distillation: Double in copper stills
What does Ultra premium mean?

Experience the exquisite taste of Espadín Capón Mezcal – the cream of the crop! By removing the flower stalk (Quiote), we preserve more fruit sugars in the agave, resulting in a unique mezcal with intense flavors of flowers, wood, citrus, and anise. A sensory delight where the absence of Quiote leads to a sweeter finish – Mezcal excellence in every bottle, crafted from mineral-rich soils in San Luis Amatlán.

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Flavor Dimensions

Segment Mezcal Artesanal

1-5 (Mild-Strong)






Smoky Flavour



Flavor Notes

  • Lemongrass

  • Anise

  • Flowery

  • Wood

  • Citrus

  • Tangerine

Espadín Capón 70cl ∙ 45%

Craftsmanship excellence:Considered one of the best artisan Espadin distillates on the market, it reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

New York's Best Mezcal 2018:Recognized as the Best Mezcal in New York 2018, a testament to its exceptional taste and recognition in a competitive market.

Unique Features:Our Espadín-Capón impresses with its unique characteristics: The fully ripe Espadín agave with a high sugar content gives it a particularly complex taste that pampers the palate - rare and subtly tingling


About Espadín Capón 70cl ∙ 45%

Experience the exquisite taste of our Espadín Capón - the cream of the crop in agave harvest! Through the highest maturity level of the Espadín agave and the removal of the Quiote (agave flower stalk), preserving its high sugar content, we craft a unique flavor profile. Aromas of flowers, perfume, spices, wood, dried mandarin peels, delicate lemongrass, and robust anise combine to create a Mezcal that captivates the senses. Maestros Marcos and Eleazar select only the finest agaves for heightened sugar and aroma concentration. The Capón style, distinguished by the Quiote-cutting technique, yields a rich and complex Mezcal - the perfect choice for connoisseurs of extraordinary delights! Treat yourself to a tasting and savor the exquisite taste of our Espadín Capón!

Flavor Description:
Nose – Enjoy the scent of baked, tart Gravenstein apple and brown sugar.

Palate – Experience an extremely fruity taste reminiscent of a tart, sweet Gravenstein apple pie. Notes of cream cheese, white chocolate, and a hint of white pepper spice.

The long finish reveals hints of saltwater, raw agave, and unrefined flavors. With an alcohol content of 45%, this Mezcal is intense and unique. A treat for aficionados of sophisticated Mezcals, the Capón style stands out with its rich and complex note. Inhale the fantastic aromas of vanilla pods, orange cream, and cocoa. The sweet nuances of roasted agave, Gravenstein apple cream cheese, and leather complete this Mezcal that embodies Oaxaca in every note.

  • Mezcalero

    Eleazar Brena

  • Origin

    San Luís Amatlán - Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Manufacturing

    Artesanal - Handcrafted

  • Double Gold

    New York Mezcal of the Year 2018 & Double Gold