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Rechmaya Distillery

Gin Jun

Premium Gin 70cl 40% vol.

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  • Maturation: Direct bottling
  • Origin: Lebanon
  • Category: Premium

Anspruch an den Master Destiller:


JUN, ein preisgekrönter, handgefertigter Botanischer Gin aus dem Libanon, besticht durch seine einzigartige Mischung aus mediterranen und orientalischen Aromen, basierend auf 9 lokalen Botanicals.

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Gin Jun | Botanic | 70cl ∙ 40% vol.

Excellent peak performance:After the highly esteemed gold medal at The Spirits Business Gin Masters 2022 and the renewed gold award at the Proof Awards in the USA in 2023, JUN Botanic stands as proof of the highest level of craftsmanship.

Lebanese craftsmanship:Precision crafted premium gin from Lebanon, characterized by 9 locally sourced botanicals.

Sustainable elegance:Environmentally conscious gin for discerning connoisseurs, a guilt-free choice that helps protect the environment.

  • Gin Master

    Chady Naccour

  • Origin

    Rechmaya / Hermel Reserve in the Bekaa Valley - Lebanon

  • Manufacturing

    Artesanal - Handcrafted


About Gin Jun | Botanic | 70cl ∙ 40% vol.

JUN - Artisanal botanical gin from the heart of Lebanon

JUN is not just an exquisite gin; it is a sensory journey through the heart of Lebanon. Crafted in Rechmaya and inspired by nature, this handcrafted, Mediterranean, and oriental gin unfolds a rich bouquet through the careful selection of 9 botanicals, including organic juniper. With an alcohol content of 40% vol, JUN ensures not only a consistent taste but is also distilled in pot stills, prioritizing quality over quantity. In addition to organic juniper, JUN's unique blend encompasses mastic, orange, lemon, ginger, galangal, coriander, and bay leaf. These Mediterranean and oriental flavor notes impart a complex, lightly spicy sweetness with simultaneous freshness to the gin. The harmonious balance of these flavors has been globally recognized with gold awards at prestigious competitions.

JUN's harmonious balance led to its gold recognition at The Spirits Business Gin Masters 2022 and again at the Proof Awards in the USA in 2023.

To create the ultimate JUN experience, we recommend three expert tips: use crystal-clear, large balloon glasses to optimally unfold the aromas. Serve JUN ice-cold with large, round ice cubes to effectively chill without dilution. Just as like attracts like, pair JUN with ingredients already present in the distillate; for example, a hint of rosemary perfectly complements the aromas of JUN. As a bonus tip, choose a tonic water that enhances JUN's flavors. For an additional orange note, we recommend a tonic with orange flavor.

Discover the soul of JUN, a gin that captivates not only with excellent quality and sustainability but also with the passion for nature and freedom that resonates in every sip. Order now and enjoy the fascinating world of this handcrafted masterpiece from Lebanon, either neat on ice or as a cocktail.